Définition de la norme de l’industrie pour la rotondité des pièces, la finition de surface et la précision.

Hardinge’s SUPER-PRECISION® QUEST-Series turning centers are unlike any gang tool or gang turret machine in that they include our patented interchangeable top plate and world-renowned, quick-change collet-ready spindle. The small footprint is perfect for producing high-quality parts for all industries but standout in medical and aerospace. Every Hardinge QUEST-Series turning center undergoes strict certification to assure you that your machine meets the quality standards our customers expect when buying from Hardinge. Depending on how you outfit your machine, it can be used as a stand-alone unit, a higher capacity system with a bar feed, or a fully automated system with a robot combining both versatility and value inone machine.

Quest GT27 Quest CHNC 27 Quest CHNC 42
Puissance nominale 7.5 kW 7.5 kW 7.5 kW
Spindle speed (max) 8.000 rpm 8.000 rpm 5.000 rpm
Configuration / Standard de la broche
Configuration / option de broche
A2-4 / 5C
A2-5 / 16C
A2-4 / 5C
A2-5 / 16C
A2-4 / 5C
A2-5 / 16C
Vitesse d'avance Axe X (max.)
Traverse Rate Z-Axis (max.)
18 m/min
24 m/min
12 m/min
16 m/min
12 m/min
16 m/min
Voyage axe X
Axe Z de voyage 5C
Axe Z de voyage 16C
304 mm
281 mm
264,5 millimètre
324,2 millimètre
316,23 millimètre
299,7 mm
324,2 millimètre
316,23 millimètre
299,7 mm
Douille ronde (via capacité) 27 mm 27 mm 42 mm
Pince entonnoir (capacité de fixation) 101,6 nn 101,6 mm 150 mm
Contrôle FANUC 32 bit 2 liT FANUC 32i FANUC 32i
Poids approximatif de la machine 2.222 kg 2.376 kg 2.376 kg

SUPER-PRECISION® est une combinaison des meilleures pratiques de conception et de fabrication de matériels et de logiciels intégrées dans une seule machine-outil qui permet d’obtenir le niveau de précision le plus élevé pour les centres de tournage nécessitant le moins d’interventions humaines sur le marché.

Collet-ready main spindle
The Hardinge collet-ready spindle is the most versatile machine spindle in the industry – it is uniquely designed to accept both collets and jaw chucks without the use of an adaptor. Because the collet seats directly in the spindle, the workpiece is held close to the spindle bearings which provides the ultimate in accuracy, rigidity and gripping force. It also allows for maximum spindle RPMs which increases productivity. This exclusive design also offers numerous workholding capabilities including solid collets, master collets, dead length collets, step chucks, 3-jaw chucks and FlexC collets systems.


Patented interchangeable top plate-standard
Pre-tooled top plates can be quickly interchanged in less than a minute for a new part or family of parts within .0002” repeatability. Once a component operation is set and proven out, the tooled top plate, program, work shift and tool offsets can be removed from the machine and stored until needed for the next batch of similar parts. Repeat jobs can typically save 50% to 80% on setup time over other manufacturer’s gangtype machines. Plus, you can add or remove cutting tools from any location without disturbing any other tools on the top plate. Cut-to-cut time is drastically reduced with gang-tool configuration—there’s no time lost on turret indexing (on the GT27). And you can produce many different parts without changing the top plate tool setup.


  • Two interpolating axes
  • Programmable resolution—0,00010 mm
  • Tool offset capability—0,00010 mm
  • Inch / metric data selection by G-code
  • 160 meters part program storage
  • Stockage du programme pièce (facultatif) (320, 640 ou 1 280 mètres au total)
  • Data input / output
  • MDI (Manual Data Input) operation
  • Reader / punch interface
  • Flash card (PCMCIA) capability
  • Ethernet ready