Hardinge has it covered with comprehensive EMO presence!

Machine tools for grinding, milling, turning and high tolerance Super Precision machining are all featured on the Hardinge Group stand at this autumn’s EMO exhibition

The Group’s UK company, Jones and Shipman Hardinge is a key member of the Hardinge grinding machine sector and will be present to promote the interests of precision grinding machines and systems under the Kellenberger brand name.  Most notably these are the latest Kellenberger K100 for medium and high technology grinding operations and the high specification K1000 which features a number of new developments.

The K100 on show will be the 600mm capacity version equipped with a WeFlex automatic loader to demonstrate the flexibility of the K100 modular concept and its suitability for operating in automated, high volume factory environments.

In terms of functionality the K100 platform delivers the most diverse range of configuration options for the widest range of grinding operations. Because of the modular solution on one common platform and the new assembly concept designed to reduce throughput time, it is possible to optimise production costs for the machine and ensure an excellent price/performance ratio.

The user-friendly and ergonomic design of the K100 machines features a new, simple operator guidance system on an intuitive 19” touchscreen panel. The machines are equipped with the latest Fanuc 31i CNC controls, optionally also available with newly designed cycle programming or workpiece-related graphic programming.

Three important features distinguish the K100 machine series; the innovative, collision-free, compact wheelhead solution, an enhancement of its performance parameters and the service-friendly machine design concept.

The new tandem wheelhead is a compact construction with a motor spindle. A reinforced casing accommodates larger grinding wheel diameters for internal grinding and a choice of 10 wheelhead variations allows the optimum layout of the machine based on the components to be processed.

Enhancement of performance parameters include a higher grinding wheel drive power for increased productivity, a newly designed Z guideway for precision profiling and the C axis with direct drive for greater precision when non-circular grinding.

Finally, the service-friendly machine concept.

Kellenberger’s service department was integrally involved in the design and development of the K range of machines. This resulted in the integration of faster maintenance and service operations with optimum accessibility of maintenance-intensive components assured.

Based on the widely used VARIA universal cylindrical grinding machine range, the Kellenberger K1000 machine has constantly been updated.  Latest developments include a larger work space, distinctly longer machine table and an optional distance between centres of 1600 mm, to further enhance machining possibilities.

Hydrostatic guideways have always been a feature of the VARIA machines, providing the best in shape accuracy for all grinding tasks involving interpolating axes.

The newest generation of hydrostatic guideways in the K1000 is the result of 30 years’ experience. They provide excellent damping, stick-slip-free operation, high rigidity and a constant machine temperature, resulting in outstanding surface quality and productivity and more process and operation reliability, without any friction loss and wear. Because of the direct drives on the rotary axes, high positioning speeds and accuracy are guaranteed.

Stability is maximised with the solid machine table and the reinforced machine bed further improves rigidity. The increase in stability means the K1000 can now work with workpieces of up to 300 kg.

With larger heights and distances between centres, the K1000 is faster and more precise, with drives optimised for performance moving the longitudinal and cross slides at speeds of up to 20m/min and at an axis resolution of ten nanometers.

The Kellenberger K1000 is available with distances between centres of either 1000 or 1600 millimeters, and centre heights of either 200/250 or 300 mm, as required. More than 30 wheelhead variations with external and internal grinding spindles permit an array of machining possibilities and the right application-specific configuration at all times.

Finally, reflecting the Hardinge Group’s expertise in the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced metal-cutting machine tools, five machines from other Group companies will feature on the stand.

These are the Hardinge T51 MSY Super Precision turning centre offering two axis high-precision machining for complex multi-tasking operations that require a high level of precision, delicate part handling and for parts made complete in a single setup. The featured machine has a Fanuc 31iB control with 19″ screen.

The Hardinge Talent GT sets the standard in “high-performance” gang tool turning by offering an exceptional combination of features for accuracy, flexibility and durability in a compact design. Talent GT machines have been designed to help maximize ever demanding process requirements.  The exhibition machine will feature an automated robotic component parts handling unit.

The Hardinge Talent 51 TT is from a family of multi-tasking CNC lathes designed to work with a number of different types of workholding systems providing a high level of functionality and accuracy to increase manufacturing capabilities. These machines have a collet-ready main and sub-spindle design which increases part accuracy and improves surface finish.

Two Bridgeport machines are also featured.

The Bridgeport XR1000 II with Heidenhain control is a new generation machine with spindle drives that provide the power and torque to machine the toughest materials.  Exceptionally rigid, the high specification spindle technology features a revolutionary GTW Spindle – the latest in spindle technology – and BIG-PLUS dual contact spindle system.

Finally, the Bridgeport V1320 Heidenhain 3-axis vertical machining centre.

The Bridgeport V Series VMC’s are new generation machines, being fully digital, high-specification machine tools, designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance.  Typical applications are in sub-contract to OEM, aerospace, automotive and power generation industries and many other manufacturing sectors.

A fully digital VMC with high response X and Y-axis rapid traverse, its heavy-duty construction includes 45mm ball screws on all axes, 35mm X-axis linear guides and 45mm Y- & Z-axis linear guides.