Hardinge Announces New Workholding Product Size

FlexC®100 Quick Change Clamping System Size Now Available for Purchase

ELMIRA, NY (April 25, 2022) – Hardinge Inc.’s FlexC® system of available chuck and collet sizes have increased with the addition of a 100mm size to its quick-change clamping system. Company officials announced today that their customers can now buy the 100mm size chucks and collets, joining the company’s FlexC® product family line of 42mm, 65mm, and 80mm.


The FlexC® 100 collet system provides Hardinge’s customers with even greater manufacturing capacities, while still enjoying the same cost savings benefits and overall efficiency offered by the 42mm, 65mm, and 80mm system. The 100mm chucks and collets are available for purchase in Style A (Pull Back with Dead-Length Work Stop) and Style DL (Push to Close with Dead Length Workstop) variants.

Bryan “Buddy” Kondikoff, Hardinge’s Workholding Product Lead, said customers have been asking for the 100mm collet size, “It may be larger, but the 100mm collet is no different than the other FlexC® sizes in providing accuracy, better gripping capabilities, and, of course, the quick change versatility.”

Recently, the manufacturing and industrial worlds have undergone a multitude of changes. Along with the rapidly changing supply chain network, it’s become more important than ever for companies to improve production efficiencies, without compromising the accuracy and quality of their parts. “Hardinge’s FlexC®Quick Change Systems will not only improve manufacturing output, but our systems are designed around precision and accuracy which the industry is begging for,” added Kondikoff.


The many benefits associated with Hardinge’s FlexC® collets include:

  • Better Gripping and Accuracy.
  • Industry Leading Range of Styles and Sizes,
  • Special Accuracy Capabilities,
  • Versatility with Flexibility,
  • Added Accessories for Adaptability, and
  • Compatiable with all Brands of CNC Lathes.

Kondikoff said companies using the Hardinge’s FlexC® system are experiencing a multitude of benefits. “Not only are our customers generating more output and getting things out the door quicker, but their products are better quality,” added Kondikoff.

Hardinge is looking beyond today’s introduction of the FlexC® 100 (100mm). In fact, Kondikoff said the company’s FlexC® lineup will increase even more in 2022. “We’re looking to expand our FlexC® portfolio this year to 32mm, 52mm, 120mm, 140mm and 160mm,” explained Kondikoff.

For more information about the FlexC®100 collet system, as well as learn about the current promotional programs offered, go to shop.hardinge.com, call Hardinge’s workholding customer service (1-800-843-8801), or email hardinge.orders@hardinge.com.


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