The undisputed market leader in SUPER-PRECISION® for the most demanding jobs.

The Hardinge SUPER-PRECISION® T-Series turning centers set the standard in high-precision and high-performance turning that will take your part quality and manufacturing capabilities to new heights. T-Series machines are designed to exceed your expectations and are ideal for two axis high-precision machining or complex multi-tasking operations that require a high level of precision, delicate part handling and for parts made complete in a single setup. Machine packages are pre-configured with our most popular features allowing you to select the proper machine tool configuration to produce your parts in the most effective and profitable manner.

T-42 T-51 T-65
Spindle Nose A2-5 / 16C A2-6 / 20C A2-6 / 25C
Spindle Bore (not bar capacity) 48 mm 60.4 mm 75 mm
Max. Spindle Speed 6.000 rpm 5.000 rpm 4.000 rpm
Max. Spindle HP 11 kW 15 kW 26 kW
Chuck Size 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm
Max. Machining Diameter
239 mm 313,7 mm 313,7 mm
Max. Machining Diameter
327,7 mm 387,2 mm 387,2 mm
Max. Bar Capacity 42 mm 51 mm 65 mm
No. Turret Stations (BMT) 16 Stations
(BMT 45)
12 Stations
(BMT 55)
12 Stations
(BMT 55)
CNC Control Unit FANUC 31i FANUC 31i FANUC 31i
Approx. Machine Weight
Floor Space
5.940 kg
2.489,2 mm x 2.165 mm x 2.089 mm
7.800 kg
3.257 mm x 2.312,4 mm x 2.123 mm
7.800 kg
3.257 mm x 2.312,4 mm x 2.123 mm

SUPER-PRECISION® is a combination of best practice, design and manufacturing of hardware and software integrated into a machine tool that provides the highest level of precision for production turning centers that require the least amount of human intervention in the marketplace today.

Key differentiators

  • High degree of machine stiffness qualified by Finite Element Analysis
  • High surface finish capability of eight micro-inch or better
  • Ball bar testing for superior geometric accuracy
  • Dynamic balancing of spindle and drive motor
  • Integral wrap around spindle motor technology to eliminate belts
  • Matched high precision spindle bearings
  • Ability to maintain 3 μ micron total deviation in diameter after a brief warm-up
  • High repeatability accuracy – 0,76 μ
  • Robust control/motor/drive package with 0,1 μ control resolution
  • High accuracy X-axis digital glass scales

Collet-ready spindle advantages

  • Collet seats directly in the Hardinge spindle
  • Maximum rigidity and gripping power is transferred to the part
  • Maximum utilization of RPM
  • Minimum weight on spindle
  • Minimum overhang from the spindle bearings that assures spindle accuracy is transferred directly to the workpiece
  • Optimum T.I.R.
  • Gripping force directly over the workpiece
  • Superior tolerances and finishes
  • Capable of using maximum machine stroke capacity
  • Longer tool life
  • Quick changeover

Live tooling
Live tool holders start at 8,000 RPM and are capable of up to 32,000 RPM when purchased with ratios of 2:1 or 4:1 when high speeds are required.The Hardinge BMT live tooling holders provide superior run-out within .00012” (3 micron) making it the overall best in class tooling system.

FANUC 31i TB – Included Control Features

  • 99 Geometry/Wear offsets (XYZR)
  • Inch/Metric Selection by G-Code
  • 160 Meters (64Kbyte) part program storage
  • Absolute / incremental programming
  • Alarm display
  • Auto coordinate system setting
  • Background editing
  • Block skip
  • Canned cycles (turning / drilling)
  • Chamfer / corner rounding
  • Circular interpolation by R programming
  • Constant surface speed programming
  • Continuous thread cutting
  • Coordinate system setting (G50)
  • Custom Macro B
  • Decimal point programming
  • Diameter / radius programming
  • Direct drawing dimension programming
  • Display position, program, alarm, history,
  • Ethernet ready
  • Extended part program edit (copy / replace)
  • External workpiece number search
  • Floating reference point return
  • Helical interpolation (All M S models)
  • Help screen
  • Input of offset values by (G10)
  • Interpolation (linear / circular)
  • Machine lock / dry run
  • Manual guide i with full color display
  • Program number search
  • Programmable parameter input
  • Reference point return
  • Registered part program storage (1000)
  • Rigid tapping – all spindles
  • Run time parts counter
  • Self-diagnostic function
  • Spindle orient (one degree)
  • Spindle synchronization (all S models)
  • Sequence number search
  • Single block operation
  • Skip function G31
  • Stored stroke check 2 & 3
  • Straightness compensation
  • Sub program call (10-fold nested)
  • Thread cutting
  • Tool nose radius compensation
  • Workpiece coordinate system (G52-G59)
  • Program protect