Turning Center Series Features Collet-Ready Spindle

Hardinge’s Talent series of CNC turning centers, including the 42 and 51 models, is designed for accuracy, flexibility and durability in a compact machine. The series offers two separate base structures providing short and standard bed lengths. The machines feature robust one-piece cast iron bases, heavy-duty roller linear guideways and ballscrews. The collet-ready design of the main spindle and subspindle increases part accuracy and improves surface finish, the company says.

The turning centers are equipped with through-tool and headwall air/coolant for both the main spindle and subspindle, foot switches, chip conveyor interface, bar feed interface, and an air hose with an air gun. A FANUC OiTF CNC is provided as the control. Additionally, the Talent series is available with a variety of options including: live tooling, Y axis, servo tailstock, subspindle, parts catcher, chip conveyor and bar feeds.

Source: Modern Machine Shop