Vertical turning center

The machines of the Vertor C and M series are ideally suited for wet and dry machining of all common rotation-symmetrical workpieces with the highest precision, availability and continuous accuracy. The machines have very good accessibility with minimum space requirements and also offer the option for two or four axes. Technology integration of innovative processes such as out-of-round turning, hard turning, grinding, drilling or milling result in a significant reduction of in-house logistics processes and create high-precision machining results. The multifunctional vertical turning machines are among the world‘s best machine tools in their class in terms of operating speed, availability, stability and reliability.

Max. Turning diameter 450 mm
Max. Chuck diameter 600 mm
Max. Feed force X / Z 9 / 9 kN
Working stroke X- / Z-axis 230 / 280 (280 / 400) mm
Max. Process speed X / Z 30 / 30 m/min
Number of tools 12 (2 x 12)
Max. Speed VERTOR C: 6.000 rpm
VERTOR M: 3.500 rpm
Spindle bearing diameter VERTOR C: 90 mm
VERTOR M: 150 mm
Dimensions 3.000 x 1.900 x 2.600 mm
Weight 11.000 kg
  • Heavily ribbed monoblock machine column
  • Extremely high rigidity and thermal stability
  • Large working volumes with compact outer dimensions of the machine
  • Direct drives
  • Slide design for high accuracies and dynamics
  • Linear path measuring systems in horizontal and vertical direction
  • Maintenance-free three-phase servo drives
  • Machining of chuck turned parts or shafts with tailstock and steady rest support
  • 4-axis design for reduced Machining times
  • Driven tools
  • Optimized for manual loading

Hard turning
Hard turning describes the turning of steel with a hardness of more than 45 HRC. It is an efficient alternative for grinding hardened workpieces. The advantages of this process are shorter cycle, set-up and tooling times as well as the relatively lower investment costs and the options of wet and dry machining.


Out-of-round turning
3 times capacity with WEISSER HOT system for shorter piece times and lower piece costs. The technology enables the highly productive machining of a wide range of workpieces, such as pistons for combustion engines, camshafts, polygonal profiles or the production of polygon shapes (shaft-hub connections) with process-oriented perfection.


Highly productive 4-axes simultaneous machining
Highly productive simultaneous machining in one machine with two powerful disk turrets (4-axes). Intelligent technology processes and the combination of different machining steps offer high savings potential. Working with two tools simultaneously shortens the machining times of the workpiece and thus reduces the cost per part.

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